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Designed to decrease pigment and promote a smooth even skin tone.

Size: 7 Product Regimen

Green Tea Purifying Cleanser – 6.7 Fl. oz. (Full Size)
An anti-oxidant rich, clarifying cleanser that removes excess oils without drying the skin. Great for normal/oily aging skin.
Brightening Exfoliating Scrub – 6.7 Fl. oz. (Full Size)
A mild, brightening scrub enhanced with bio-friendly exfoliating beads that improve skin radiance and minimize pores. Great for all skin types/conditions.
Antioxidant Toning Pads – 60 Pads (Full Size)
These convenient pads deliver premium antioxidants to tone and refresh skin. They revitalize the look of dull skin and soothe tired, stressed skin. Great for normal/aging skin.
Triple Antioxidant Complex – 1 oz. (Full Size)
This high potency Vitamin C serum is clinically proven to visibly brighten skin’s complexion and improve the look of wrinkles with a patented time-released matrix-polymer delivery system. Great for normal/aging skin.
Retinol Antioxidant Boosting Serum 10X – 1oz. (Full Size)
A clinically proven, pure and active .10% Retinoid serum that reduces lines and wrinkles, appearance of pores, and blemishes. Great for aging skin, all skin types.
Pigment Correcting Cream – 2.5 oz. (Full Size)
A powerful lightening cream with natural skin brighteners and botanicals that improve skin discoloration and brighten & even skin tone. Great for hyperpigmented skin, all skin types.
Collagen Boosting Hydrator Plus – 1.7 oz. (Full Size)
A peptide rich, nourishing cream that provides intense moisturization and age defying benefits. Great for dry/normal aging skin.

Clear Physical Sunscreen SPF 50
Perfect Tint Mineral Sunscreen

A multi-product, skin therapy system designed for the visible treatment of hyperpigmentation appearance without the use of hydroquinone.  This kit will help to even out skin tone and is ideal for use if skin texture and anti-aging benefits are a part of your skin concerns.


  1. Green Tea Purifying Cleanser
  2. Brightening Exfoliating Scrub
  3. Antioxidant Toning Pads
  4. Triple Antioxidant Complex
  5. Pigment Correcting Cream
  6. One of the recommended sunscreens


  1. Green Tea Purifying Cleanser
  2. Brightening Exfoliating Scrub
  3.  Antioxidant Toning Pads
  4. Triple Antioxidant Complex
  5. Retinol Antioxidant Boosting Serum 10X
  6. Pigment Correcting Cream
  7. Collagen Boosting Hydrator Plus

2 reviews for SKIN BRIGHTENING KIT 10X

  1. Brooke Sipes

    AAAAMAZING!! My skin looks great!!!! Five star all the way!

  2. Angela Prichard

    Pricey but my skin looks great!

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