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This starter system is designed to refresh skin and deliver premium essential antioxidants. Additional products can be added as needed.

Size: 3 Product Regimen

Green Tea Purifying Cleanser – 6.7 Fl. oz. (Full Size)
An anti-oxidant rich, clarifying cleanser that removes excess oils without drying the skin. Great for normal/oily aging skin.
Brightening Exfoliating Scrub – 6.7 Fl. oz. (Full Size)
A mild, brightening scrub enhanced with bio-friendly exfoliating beads that improve skin radiance and minimize pores. Great for all skin types/conditions.
Antioxidant Toning Pads – 60 Pads (Full Size)
These convenient pads deliver premium antioxidants to tone and refresh skin. They revitalize the look of dull skin and soothe tired, stressed skin. Great for normal/aging skin.

Using a combination of potent antioxidants, this program is designed to prevent damage, smooth skin and minimize pores.  


1. Green Tea Purifying Cleanser
2. Brightening Exfoliation Scrub
3. Antioxidant Toning Pads

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  1. June Myers

    Great starter kit!

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